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Are you tired of these energy draining promises?

  • Expensive gym memberships that give you nothing but access to a facility
  • Over technical machines that only target one muscle group
  • Sparring partners that can’t keep up with your energy and passion
  • Personal training sessions that cost an arm and a leg but leave you feeling unfulfilled
  • DVDs and video training that promises insane results but just can’t deliver

If you’re tired of any of the energy sucking activities above, it’s time to take your exercise regimen to the next level!

Slough Cobras want you to be FITTER and STRONGER ready for the stress and strains of life (and to Kick some Ass). Together we can create and customize a fitness regime to suit you, combining a number of protocols to boost your strength, increase your stamina and improve your overall mental health – regardless of your current fitness level.
If you want to achieve a true body transformation and you are serious and committed to being pushed to achieve this then you are in the right place, Cardio, Strength, and Power.

Personal training sessions can be held in the privacy of your own private gym or at my own purpose training facility. You’ll be put through your paces and given all the encouragement needed to help you achieve your goals.

Training Ropes, Weights, Kettle-Bells, Pad Work, Jump Box to name a few of the workout methods we will use to achieve the new you.





You Deserve So Much More Than A Regular Gym!

Pad Work

Pad-work is a great training system that uses combination punching to improve many aspects of boxing. Pad-work can be carried out on a punch bag or Pads with an instructor. It not only enhances your fitness, hand-eye co-ordination and speed, it will also enhance you combat skills.This type of training came about through studying boxing and neuroscience as a combined form to develop skills and in turn stamina. Having the ability to run and run and run without getting tired is what every ideal athlete wants.

Habits are formed after 21 consistent times and regular routine on the Pads. You will be able to master the combinations and in turn increase the speed in which you do the combinations. It not only gives you results in competitions but also gives you results in any walk of life you are aiming to improve.


Boxing Combinations

You will learn a number of fixed punching combinations and through repetition, your skills will improve. Over the course of training your speed, reactions, fitness, accuracy, focus, and movement will naturally improve.

Longer combinations will be broken down and learned before you then put these back together to form a workout combination lasting in excess of 2 minutes. Introducing basic kicking into the combinations is also possible allowing you to achieve a very high level of fitness

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