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Slough Cobras - Frequent Asked Questions

Our top goals in designing this class was really making sessions as fun and exciting as possible.

On Wednesday nights we train at 20.00 to 21.30 at Unity Academy, Farnham Park, Slough,. SL2 3BP

Simply call ahead to let us know you will be attending the lesson

Kickboxing is the best of boxing combined with explosive Tae-kwondo kicking techniques

We accept all levels in classes and we work with and partner you to a student who will help you through their experience they have gained with us.

For your first few lessons, you should wear loose fitting sportswear i.e. t-shirt and tracksuit. If you can, purchase some wraps and gloves so you can take part in the bagwork, padwork and sparring

the class will consist of a warm up, stretching, pad work, bag work and technique training. After this introduction you can decide if you want  to participate in sparring.

Feel free to take a look at our Private Lessons page to discover more about these sessions.

We encourage all type of individuals to come along and participate in our classes, whether you are an individual, friends, partners and couples. 

You Deserve So Much More Than A Regular Gym!


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