class & timetable

Class & Timetable information

Class on Wednesdays 20:00 to 21:30



Wednesday (Boxing)
Unity Academy
Farnham Park, Slough SL2 3BP
20:00 – 21:30

Kick Boxing

Wednesday (Kick Boxing)
Unity Academy Farnham Park, Slough, SL2 3BP
20.00 – 21:30

Private Lessons

Private Lessons Available
Tel: 07770 302 790

What to expect from Slough Cobras

Target Entire Body
Kickboxing combines cardio, resistance, and interval training to make the most of your workout sessions. Rather than breaking up workouts by muscle group, kickboxing works the entire body to ensure fast and extreme results!
Stress Relief
There’s no better feeling in the world than hitting a punching bag after a long day. Take out your frustration with an intense session that releases endorphins to make you feel unstoppable!
Achieve Goals
Imagine finally working towards the body and self image you know you deserve! Tone your muscles and drop pounds of fat off your waistline with an exciting activity that will leave you feeling great!


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